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We're Jess and Sonny and we would like to welcome you to our travel blog!  Our story starts in Belgium and Holland were we had our jobs. We decided for ourselves that we didn't want to live the 'ordinary life' (settle down, work and have kids). So we decided to chase our dreams and do whatever we like. Our plans for 2019 are: traveling, exploring new places and figuring out what we want to do when we get back home.

Let us first tell you a bit about ourselves. Jess (28) loves to ski and decided she wanted to spend a whole winter season in Austria, teaching skiing and snowboarding. She visited Austria multiple times and had her eyes locked on Sölden (Tirol). After sending some e-mails to several ski schools, she got a job for the whole season.
Then there is Sonny (27), who never skied before. He started out taking some indoor lessons in Belgium where he learned the basics of skiing. So when he would visit Jess, he could also ski.

In December Jess packed her stuff, left Holland and moved to Längenfeld, a little town near Sölden. Two weeks later, Sonny joined her for six weeks and again for 3 weeks in March.

Herestarts our journey and our blog.  And we're going to share our adventures along the way!


 About Jess

Jess, age 28, has always loved traveling. With her family, she already visited quite some places. Countries like Thailand, India, Nepal, Lapland and later also New York and Sri Lanka aroused a travelers spirit inside of her.

She finished her Bachelor 'Social work' in 2012 and went straight to work in residential youth care. In that same year, she also thought it would be amazing to get her 'Anwärter' in snowboarding. This is a certificate to teach snowboarding. she really liked doing this and went snowboarding every year.
While snowboarding, she noticed many people loved to ski as well. Thus she decided 'why the heck not' and got her 'Anwärter' in skiing and loved it ever since. Her goal then was to improve her skiing year after year and has since then completed multiple certificates, to get better at it.

Back in Holland (2016), she decided she wanted to try another occupation with more spice to it and applied for the master 'Orthopedagogy'. She quit her old job and moved to Rotterdam.

At the end of 2017, she got into 'mindset' and personal development because of a friend of her. She started thinking more about: How she could work for herself, find calmness in life, search for a bigger meaning than just having a ''job'', ...

In 2018 she graduated her degree 'Orthopedagogy' and left Holland shortly after to pursue bigger dreams she had written down for herself. She wanted to spend a whole season teaching skiing in Austria and that drove her to temporarily move to Sölden (Austria). That's where our amazing story starts.



About Sonny

Sonny, age 27, is a passionate motorcyclist. As soon as he turned 18, he bought his first motorcycle and began exploring the neighborhood. He always loved the feeling of 'freedom' that you get when you drive motorcycles. 


Sonny was never a ''marvelous'' student. When he finally graduated his Bachelor in 'Electromechanics' in 2014, he was dissatisfied with the outlook of working for a boss and settling down. He started educating himself online and learned about passive income generation, trading and investing in assets, and started reading books about the development of his own mindset. 


In 2016 he took his first big trip out of Europe and went backpacking in Laos for six weeks. Since then he was hooked to traveling and found a new addiction he needed to feed! Later in 2017, he also visited Indonesia for four weeks. Later in 2017 he also visited Sri Lanka for a month. That was not enough! He tasted a new sense of freedom and joy and wanted to explore the world. A new goal and dream were set in his mind.


Around the first months of 2018 (March), Sonny met Jess at a dutch seminar they both attended. They had an amazing time together and that is where the magic started. Sonny finally got to say goodbye to his day job in December 2018, after working there for 4 years and is since working a 'laptop lifestyle' as a successful cryptocurrency trader and traveling to amazing places together with Jess.

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